Travel in Style

Now you can travel in style and represent your favorite

Personal Transporter! 

​Segway Polo Shirts Available (Limited Stock) 
Color: Light Blue
Sizes: Large and Extra Large

Fabric: Poly-Cotton Blend 
Style: Short Sleeved with a Collar.

Watch this animation video to see how it works!

Travel & Parking Accessories

Take your Segway with you, we have lots of choices to make it easy!

The Segway PT Carrier

Finally, a simple and affordable way to transport the Segway i2 and x2 PT or older i167, i170, i180 or XT model HTs on the back of your vehicle. This manually operated carrier mounts to your vehicle using a 2 inch receiver hitch, requires NO electrical wiring and can be easily switched from one vehicle to another.. 

An optional Dual Adapter connects two Carriers to haul two Segway PTs on the back of your vehicle at the same time. 

Single Segway PT Carrier $475.00 
Dual Adapter (requires two Segway PT Carriers) $450.00 
Dual PT Carrier Kit (two PT Carriers and Dual Adapter) $1,400.00 

Shipping for the single Carrier or Dual Adapter, ordered separately, is available via FedEx Ground within the continental U.S. for $49.95. Shipping for the Dual Carrier Kit (two PT Carriers and Dual Adapter ordered together) is available via FedEx Ground within the continental U.S. for $99.95

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LeanSteer Frame Tool-less Release

With this essential accessory, you'll be able to quickly remove the LeanSteer frame from your Segway® Personal Transporter and easily fit it into your vehicle or other tight spaces.

The Segway Lock Kit can not be used at the same time as this LeanSteer Frame Tool-less Release.

Compatible with:
Segway i2, x2, i2 Patroller and x2 Patroller PTs

NOT Compatible with:
Generation 1 Segway HTs nor the Segway i2SE or x2SE PTs

Kit Includes:

1 LeanSteer Tool-less Release
Instruction Manual

The New SEGautostand
The semi-automatic parking stand for the SEGWAY PT

The SEGautostand is a high-tech and automatically folding parking stand for SEGWAY PT i2 and x2 models.

With your SEGautostand, broken parking stands and awkward start-ups are a thing of the past! Deployed from the rear of the Segway PT, simply press down on the SEGautostand's red lever until the parking leg is fully extended. When it is fully extended lean your Segway PT forward to allow the leg to make contact with the ground and support the Segway PT.

The SEGautostand automatically retracts simply by pulling the Segway PT’s handlebars towards you. It then folds away safely by the time the green balance light appears. Not only does the SEGautostand automatically retract before you can glide away, its unique design guarantees that it cannot deploy while riding your Segway PT. 

When riding your Segway PT, the SEGautostand remains folded between the fender and the battery cover with no protrusion to reduce your ground clearance. This also allows the Segway PT easy clearance when being walked over curbs and up or down stairs. 

The SEGautostand is now available for purchase at $187.00 per unit

Segway Lock Kit

This durable lock can be used to secure your Segway PT to any immovable object. It comes with components to make it even compatible with older Segway HTs. Highly visible, it's a convincing deterrent for would-be thieves. The 28" locking cable comes with two keys.

Note: The LeanSteer Frame Tool-less Release cannot be used at the same time as this Segway Lock Kit.

Compatible with: Segway i2, x2, i2 Patroller and x2 Patroller PTs and Generation 1 Segway i167, e167, i170, i180 HTs

NOT Compatible with Segway Generation 1 p133, XT, GT HTs, nor i2SE or x2SE PTs

Segway PT Off-Board Charger

Charge up to two spare batteries at the same time. Small enough to take with you in your cargo bag, it can be used for all Segway Lithium-Ion Batteries to ensure you've always got the power you need.

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This aftermarket accessory is not manufactured, endorsed, or authorized by Segway Inc. for use on the Segway PT and its sale is between Dealer and Purchaser.

i2 and x2 Parking Stands

You’ll have to step off the Segway PT at some point. When you do, reach level ground, turn off the Segway PT and with just a quick tap of your foot, you’ll be parked and ready to go about your business. The sleek and simple design pivots up 180 degrees left or right and locks in place for when you’re ready to glide again.

The parking stand was designed with safety in mind and therefore there is a mechanical fuse built into the leg to allow for breakage in the event of misuse. Misuse of the accessory could be, but isn't limited to attempting to step on a PT with the parking stand deployed, failure to fully disengage the parking stand prior to riding or inadvertent deployment while riding.

If the leg breaks, it’s easy to replace and can be installed with just one screw. We provide a spare leg and fastener with every kit, just in case!

Compatible with:
All Generation 2 Segway PTs

NOT Compatible with:
Segway Generation I HTs

This aftermarket accessory is not manufactured, endorsed, or authorized by Segway Inc. for use on the Segway PT and its sale is between Dealer and Purchaser.

Comfort Mats

Cushioned by thick, industrial grade rubber that absorbs shocks and jolts, comfort mats allow you to ride on and on without getting fatigued. Two mats create one set.

Compatible with:
Every Generation 2 Segway PT

NOT Compatible with:
Generation 1 Segway HTs

Kit Includes:

1 Pair of (2) Comfort Mats
Instruction Manual

Ramp Kit

The ramp kit allows you to easily pack any Segway PT into a car's trunk or a truck's bed. The top grips your trunk or truck bed while the traction foot helps anchor the ramp to the ground. Once the ramp kit is secure, guide* your Segway up it. When you're done, the ramps fold in half and fit neatly into their own carrying case for easy storage.

Folded: 35" long
Deployed: 68" long x 6.5" wide
Weight: 12 lbs each, 24 lbs total

Compatible with:
All Segway PTs and HTs

Kit Includes:

1 Pair or Ramps
1 Carry Case


To order any Segway PT Accessory

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