Commercial and Personal Rentals

Rent Segway Personal Transporters for your next Conference, Special Event, Guest Executive visit or do a Team Building Event! Segway PTs are also great for advertising your business or bringing attention to your event booth. You will make a BIG statement, as you definitely can't be anonymous on a Segway PT !

Rental & Special Event Rates
​To get a custom quote for your rental or event, please call: (303) 449-6754 or email:

Commercial rentals must obtain a Certificate of Insurance that names Rocky Mountain Segway as additional insured for the length of the rental. Personal rentals must be able to authorize a credit card for the replacement cost of the unit (credit card will not be charged, only authorized). After the unit is returned undamaged, authorization will be removed.

Become More Recognizable 
Bring extra visibility to your next advertising campaign or promotion, more visitors to your trade show exhibits and added momentum to any special event. The Segway PT's Handlebar Bags and/or Side Cargo Bags can be wrapped with your logo and marketing message. Rocky Mountain Segway offers business rentals in Denver, Boulder and the surrounding areas for a variety of special events. Whether the need is operational and logistical support for event management, marketing and exhibit differentiation, or if you're a small business or individual looking for a competitive edge, running a campaign or participating in a parade you will be prominently noticed on a Segway PT !

​All units provided by Rocky Mountain Segway are the latest i2 and x2 models employing Segway Generation II LeanSteer technology and are in excellent condition. Training, technical support and service is provided by our local and professional staff. Rocky Mountain Segway is the only full service Segway Distributor in the state of Colorado providing tours, special events, corporate rentals and mobile media marketing. Delivering excellent customer service and quick response times are of paramount importance to us. 

Segway PTs are green tools for increased business productivity and more!

The easy-to-learn Segway Personal Transporter is a multifaceted tool for many businesses. Feasibility studies conducted by customers have shown double-digit productivity gains. It makes workers faster, enabling them to cover more ground in less time. It increases their carrying capacity, reducing the strain of repetitive tasks and work-related injuries. Because of the way the Segway PT operates, they have the agility needed to maneuver in tight spaces. And it enables companies to forego the use of larger, more cumbersome vehicles with higher operational costs.

People with certain mobility challenges may find the Segway PT to be a refreshing alternative for getting around more easily. There are aftermarket options that make it perfect for those who don't want to stand for long periods of time and  and prefer the maneuverability of the Segway PT. Get more done aboard a Segway Personal Transporter!


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