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Hard cases installed on Segway

Cargo & Lighting Options

Equip your Segway PT to carry just about anything you need!

Handlebar Bag

Your keys, wallet, mobile phone, laptop computer plus a water bottle – take them all with you on your Segway Personal Transporter. This handlebar bag features a molded plastic shell that assures your personal items are safe and organized. It also detaches from the PT, so you can easily take it with you once you've reached your destination. Finally, you can personalize the handlebar bag with logos or whatever makes you happy. It's a must have!

Dimensions: 11.5" Wide x 15.5" High x 8" Deep

Compatible with:
Segway i2, Segway x2, Segway i2 SE, Segway x2 SE

NOT Compatible with:
i2 Patroller, x2 Patroller, any Generation 1 HT

Kit Includes:

1 Handlebar Bag

1 Mounting Bracket with hardware

Instruction Manual

Lighting Options

Let this powerful accessory light the way!

LED Headlight

Light your way with this high powered, energy efficient, 200-lumen LED light. Powered by 4 easy-to-replace AA batteries (not included), this light delivers two hours of high beam, eight hours of low beam or six hours of flashing light. It also features a low-battery indicator and auto-dimming to extend performance. This accessory fits perfectly on the standard (and Patroller specific) Accessory Bar and side Cargo Frames (each sold separately).

NOT mountable onto any Generation 1 HT that isn't equipped with

the accessory Lower Cargo Frame(s)

Kit Includes:

1 LED Headlight with mounting strap
2 battery holders (includes 1 spare)
1 battery holder case with mounting straps
Instruction Manual

Accessory Bar Kit

The accessory bar attaches to the handlebar, providing plenty of space to mount lights, reflective labels and other accessories. It's simple to install and adjustable, so you can angle it any way you'd like.

Compatible with:
Segway i2 and x2 PTs

NOT Compatible with:
i2 Patroller and x2 Patroller PTs nor any Generation 1 HT

Kit Includes:

1 Accessory Bar with mounting hardware
Instruction Manual

Universal Cargo Plates

To make the most of your Segway PT, equip it with a larger carrying area with this multifunctional cargo plate. Bungee cords and cargo nets can be used for expanded flexibility. Can be installed on the i2 or x2 lower cargo frame in two positions for your preferred configuration.

Note: i2 Lower Cargo Frames are required to install Universal Cargo Plates onto a Segway i2 PT and Generation 1 HTs

Capacity: 15 lbs. each
Dimensions 17.5" long x 5.8" wide

Compatible with:
Segway i2, x2, i2 Patroller and x2 Patroller PTs

NOT Compatible with:
p133, XT and GT HTs

Kit Contents:

1 Universal Cargo Plate
1 Set of Mounting Clamps with installation hardware
Instruction Manual

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Segway PT Reflectivity Kit

Sometimes the weather or ambient lighting can make it difficult to be seen. This kit helps make sure your Segway PT stand out, no matter what the conditions. Simply attach the reflective labels and you're ready be noticed.

Compatible with:
Segway i2 and x2 PTs

NOT Compatible with:
i2 Patroller or x2 Patroller PTs, i167, p133, e167, i170, i180, XT and GT HTs


The SEG-sexi Golf Bag Carrier

The SEG-sexi Golf Bag Carrier allows any model (excluding p133 and Ninebot) Segway PT owner/golfer to use his or her Segway PT on the golf course. It can also carry hunting or fishinggear for the outdoor enthusiast and can be fully installed in minutes!

The golf bag carrier secures a golf bag to the right-hand side of the Segway PT. Adjustable straps secure the bag to the carrier and can accommodate most golf bags. The carrier also functions as a convenient stand for the entire Transporter when it's time to stop, allowing easy access to all your gear.

The one-person design of the x2 Golf allows you to travel directly to your ball. Plus you needn't walk back to the cart to switch out a club - all of them go right along with you for your shot; cutting down on time waiting for others. You’ll also be able to maneuver to places where even golf carts can’t get to! Independent studies have confirmed that when used with Turf Tires, the Segway PT is significantly friendlier to turf than a golf cart. It’s lighter, has a smaller contact patch with the ground below, and uses advanced traction control algorithms so that any impact is no worse than a set of footprints.

Installation of the carrier does NOT require any permanent modification to your PT, and all the tools needed for installation are provided.

The Segway PT Golf Bag Carrier is c
ompatible with:
All Segway HTs and PTs except the Segway model p133 HT

MSRP is $460.00 plus $39.95 shipping to anywhere within the continental USA.

Lower Cargo Frames

Made of non-corrosive aluminum tubing with a weather-resistant powder-coated finish, this cargo frame gives you the leverage needed to lift and move a Segway PT with ease. Once installed, it accommodates lighting, cargo, or anything else you need to bring along on your ride.

Compatible with:
Segway i2 and i2 Patroller PTs

NOT Compatible with:
Segway x2 and x2 Patroller PTs nor p133, XT or GT HTs

Kit Includes:

2 Segway PT Lower Cargo Frames with installation hardware
Instruction Manual

Segway PT Hard Case by GIVI

Famous for classic motorcycle cases, the designers at GIVI created a signature case for Segway PTs. A rugged outer shell protects any items you lock securely inside and onto your Segway PT. If you've got your own unique look, there's lots of room to customize it. Two-year warranty.

Can be installed on one or both sides. Universal Cargo Plates are required to mount these Hard Side Cases on any PT, and for the Segway i2 PT, an (accessory) Lower Cargo Frame is also required.

Capacity: 21 ltr
Opening: 16.5" x 7.5"
Bottom: 12" x 6"
Height: 13.5"
Weight: 3.3 lbs.

Compatible with:
Segway i2 PT, Segway x2 PT

NOT Compatible with:
i2 Patroller, x2 Patroller PT, any Generation 1 HT

Kit Contents:

2 GIVI Hard cases with 2 keys
2 Mounting brackets with hardware
Instruction Manual

LED Taillight

Ideal for areas of heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic or when it's dark outside. The LED taillight clips easily to your belt or backpack. Runs on two AA batteries (included) to provide 15 to 18 hours of visibility

NOTE: These aftermarket accessory products are not manufactured, endorsed, or authorized by Segway Inc. for use on the Segway PT. Sales of such aftermarket products are between Dealer and purchaser and are not authorized by Segway Inc.