Rocky Mountain Segway provides Level III, Factory Authorized Service

We provide Factory Authorized Level III Evaluation and Repair Services for all Segway PT models and keep every component in-stock to get each unit up and running as quickly as possible. Avoid a long wait time by shipping your equipment to us, or schedule a time to bring it in. If you don't have a shipping carton, we do and can get it to you.

Segway PT Key Programming and Repair services

Rocky Mountain Segway has the most complete Programming and Repair services available for Segway PT InfoKeys. All we need is your old key (even if it's broken) or the Key Codes. Most InfoKeys can be repaired for between $75 ~ $125 and if you don't already have the codes, we'll get them for you. And of course, if you want a brand new infoKey we can do that too.

We can even duplicate, replace and custom program iButton keys for any Segway GEN1 HT  

Tires Service

Tire service is one of our specialties. We provide new factory brand i2 tires and tubes mounted on recycled rims for $134. This price requires your rim(s) to be in good enough condition for re-use at the time of service. Distance is also no problem... just ship your used i2 wheel to us and we'll return it with a brand new tire. If you would like an upgrade to the factory tire check out our long-lasting UrbanMaster Hi-Performance tires for the i2, or our Big Grip Tire for your x2.

For your convenience our Sales and Service Departments are open 7 days a week.

Just call: (303) 449-6754 to talk with a Service Representative. 

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More Help

Lost your Instructions?Simply click this link to download a PDF file you can print.

Need Segway PT Warranty Information?
The links below give you warranty info.

Segway PTs Warranty

SE3 Patroller Warranty

Segway PT Safety
  information can be found at this site.

Segway PT Winter Care Click here to view a PDF on winter care instructions.

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