Sturdy and reliable, a favorite in the Segway PT line.


First Generation Segway HT in Sport Red with or without a Handlebar Bag and working kickstand.

Other accessories available


The newest Generation of Segway Personal Transporters.

Can be accessorized to your personal taste

To learn more about pre-owned Segway PTs and HTs

call: (303) 449-6754 or email: info@rockymountainsegway.com


First Generation Segway HT in Midnight Blue

Also available with Grey Column & Handlebar


First Generation Segway HT, Platinum Grey Fenders

Pre-Owned Segways 

Rocky Mountain Segway sells only units that have been thoroughly checked by our Level III Factory Authorized Service Department. Pre-owned units start at $2500 and come with a warranty so you are assured of authenticity and quality. And, if you find an equivalent Segway with a verifiable lower price, we may match it!

Inventory is limited and changes frequently so call today and see what's available for great savings!

We also have pre-owned accessories and parts available for all Generation units.

If you have a Segway to sell or would like a different or newer model ask about our Consignment Program.

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