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Segway Road Rules and Regulations

In Colorado, and as adopted by 45 States, the Segway PT is legally categorized as an 'Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device' (EPAMD)... which is defined as "a self-balancing, non-tandem two wheeled device designed to transport one person and powered solely by an electric propulsion system producing an average power output of up to 750 watts".

Rocky Mountain Segway was an appointed member of the Committee that helped Colorado Legislators draft House Bill 09-1026, which is the Statute that regulates operation of the Segway PT EPAMD. Following, are highlights of this Colorado law:

  • EPAMD riders have the same rights and duties as operators of any other vehicle.


  • Unless prohibited by local authorities, an EPAMD may be operated in conformity with vehicle use on roadways that have a speed limit of up to 35 mph.

  • Unless permitted by local authorities an EPAMD cannot be operated on limited-access highways, bike or pedestrian paths or at a speed faster than 12.5 mph.

  • EPAMDs shall be equipped with a red reflector visible for 600 feet from the rear when it is ridden directly in front of another motor vehicle's head lamps.

  • EPAMDs in use between sunset and sunrise and/or that are not clearly discernable from 1000 feet, shall be equipped with a white light visible for 500 feet from the front and both sides and reflective material that is visible for 600 feet to the front. An EPAMD or its rider may also be equipped with additional lights and reflectors.

To view the entire Statutory Act that regulates operation of the 'Segway PT EPAMD' in Colorado, click here.

Note that States can have different laws regarding the operation of Segway Personal Transporters, so please check your local regulations before operating on public roads, paths or sidewalks.